Proposed Changes to the Graduate and Physician Assistant Anatomy Courses in the Wake of CV19

Proactive Changes to Scheduling

  • Move Graduate and PA anatomy to Spring
  • Synchronize PA and Graduate Anatomy content areas
  • Core in the Fall in synchrony with other graduate curricula
  • Integrate Human Neuroantomy into Human Anatomy

The Projected Time Course of CV19

  • Hospitalization rate peaking in June July
  • Death rate peaking in August/September
  • Access to MDL during Fall semester may be limited

Virtual Classroom Limitations for Laboratory Based Courses

  • Forfeits consolidation of classroom presentations by way of laboratory dissection
  • Social distancing not tenable for cadaveric dissection
  • Masks limit communication
  • Forfeits much of the teamwork inherent to laboratory dissection

Advantages and Disadvantages of Synchronizing PA and Graduate Anatomy

  • Sharing of resources in the classroom and in the laboratory
  • Simplified scheduling of clinical faculty to provide clinical correlates
  • Sharing of graduate and clinical faculty in the laboratory dissections

Advantages and Disadvantages of Moving Core to first Semester

  • All incoming graduate students would begin their curriculum together
  • Enhanced opportunities for early networking with faculty may facilitate laboratory rotations and selection


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